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“Wool for me is soft, 
warm and a pleasure
to wear.”


The knitwear collection is handmade with love and care. As an applied textile designer, I design intuitively with a focused on structure, material, color and detail. The materials are all natural fibers and I use most of the time Cashmere and Mohair. The cashmere yarns are sourced from Mongolian herders and the Mohair is sourced in Italy. The timeless designs, made from natural fibers, are a tribute to nature and reflect the beauty, the freedom of moving, elegence, warmt and confort of it. Every scarf is unique and I hope you will enjoy wearing it as mutch I enoy making it. 


The pieces are handmade by me, all pieces are therefore unique and can slightly vary in tone, size and finish. Some imperfections can show, inherent to artisan production-process.